Nudie's Empowerment #8 - Dean Adams

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Unisex-modell i ekologisk bomull

I april 2012 utmanade Nudie Jeans alla att designa en t-shirt som skulle illustrera ordet "Empowerment" (makt, självbestämmande). Resultatet blev åtta t-shirts.

"Empowerment is a global issue – it affects us all. We can all make a change, giving a voice to those that have none by raising ours. People can be inspired by one another and unite in pursuit of a bright future for humanity.

My design is about the nature of human spirit – a desire to care for one another, nurturing those in need. The hands holding up the globe are people with a heavy heart and those wanting to make a positive change in the world. The illustration demonstrates the power of words and how they can be used to make a bright future."

/Dean Adams